Film and stream your games without a cameraman

The auto-follow camera for team sports.

The best image quality on the market: Film with a renowned camera brand of your choice with a real optical zoom ; or your smartphone breathtaking video quality.

Open system compatible with all sport-analyzing softwares, live streaming platforms and social media

No subscription required

Compatible with cameras and smartphones!

Pix4Team 2

Instant replay without having to physically access the robot

The ONLY auto-follow camera on the market that does NOT claim the rights to use YOUR videos for commercial purposes

2 years Limited manufacturer's warranty.
First-class customer support.
and pure joy of filming.

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The Pix4Team 2 revolution

Better tracking technology thanks to:

Improved optics providing more pixels for artificial intelligence
New generation of Artificial Intelligence thanks to enhanced computing capacity

More versatile, the PIX4TEAM 2 robot now includes ALL SPORTS!

Video playback from any TV / computer / tablet / smartphone connected to the same WiFi network as your PIX4TEAM 2. Allows you to coach right after a sports session or half-time without having to physically access the robot.

And always:

Compatible with the video hosting and sharing platform
Compatible with the scoreboard and banner option 

The All New

Pix4Team 2

Left-right, up-down and zoom movements are automatic. Users can choose the zoom level.

No subscription required

Live Stream for free

Film and stream your games without subscription nor additional monthly fee.

on social media

on your own website with an RTMP link

Most, if not all, competitors grant themselves the right to use YOUR videos for commercial purposes on their behalf. Their sales terms are clear on this matter. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to see your videos circulating one day without your control or revenue.

Take control with your smartphone/tablet

Start / stop the recording of the top camera or wide-angle camera of the PIX4TEAM
Manage your game live streaming
Choose the automatic zoom
With the free PIX4TEAM REMOTE app

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What our Clients say

Dirk De Haeck
Dirk De Haeck
April 16, 2024
As early believer and buyer of this system (after months of patient waiting for v1), I'm very happy of the resultaten with v2. The reactions of the viewers are very good and they don't believe that a robot was filming.
Wendy Milson
Wendy Milson
November 18, 2023
Response to my issue (I broke a part) was resolved quickly and my new part was sent immediately. They even suggested an online video to help me install the new part!! Thank goodness LOL
Brad French
Brad French
October 16, 2023
Been an early adopter with Football (Soccer) and Futsal in Australia and love the Pix4Team product. Eager to expand to the new features coming out with their new version and develop half tone feedback to the team
Martin Gustafsson
Martin Gustafsson
October 3, 2023
Great product, I have used for Handball and have been better and better from every update. All generation one users got the option to upgrade our products to the new generation of the Pix4Team for a fee. Not many companies that would remember their older customer base (I'm looking at you Apple). Always great response from customer support
Jimmy Marinero
Jimmy Marinero
October 3, 2023
The Pix4Team Robot is awesome to record soccer games. It's easy to use, provides great tracking and you get to keep all your video content. No requirements for monthly subscriptions to use the device.
Alexandre HOUEE
Alexandre HOUEE
September 27, 2023
Great auto-follow camera for soccer


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